The current range of tax disciplines and frameworks in parallel with the experience we have gained during our years of activity in the field of taxation, provides us with the possibility of the most effective combination of proposals suitable for your case, with a view to minimize your tax burden with lawful, legislated and legal means.

Tax planning applies to both legal entities and individuals. The main activities of our office regarding this context are analyzed below:

  • Avoid excessive and unnecessary taxation
  • Utilization of development laws and their benefits
  • Utilization of complexes of domestic & foreign corporate structures
  • Transfer of assets between legal entities while avoiding the risk of claimed tax advantageous transaction
  • Transfer of assets between relatives of natural persons
  • Optimization of real estate sharing to achieve a reduced burden of ENFIA (property tax)
  • Inter-family transactions and money transfers

Particular attention should be paid to the procedures followed by a company regarding its tax practices and the transfer of its profits to favorable tax regimes. The regulatory framework established by the European Union and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development [BEPS “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” - adopted measures of the Greek Legislator with Law 4474 & 4487/2017, Law 4607/2019] presupposes either the avoidance complex structures or the diverse and careful approach that will be put into operation, something that several times proves to be economically and timely unfavorable.

Specialized research and evaluation of your tax structure is provided after relevant communication with us.