Taking into consideration the tax developments with which an effort is made to make Greece a country with purely European tax institutions and rules, it was decided by the Tax Authority to intensify the tax audits of physical and legal persons.

Our office and associates, who have been active for many years in providing these services, are highly trained to ensure the minimum tax burden for you.

Great importance is given to the articles of the Law concerning the tax audit, as well as to the subsequently issued circulars and decisions of the Dispute Resolution Directorate and / or the Council of State, which concern specialized cases of audits for which there were different decisions from those of the tax audit.

The continuous information and training, combined with the many years of experience, allows us to have targeted and constructive communication with the tax authorities and the case-by-case manipulations that may be required.

The oversight of the accounting books and data of our customers is carried out and structured in a way that leads to the minimization of frictions in a possible tax audit. The monitoring and direction that is available to our clientele, aims to maximally ensure the legal operation of their business, which does not impede its smooth operation.

In case we undertake your tax audit without our prior cooperation, we aim and expect the recurring and consistent communication with you and your accounting department, in order to achieve a forecast of possible charges and the collection of the desired justifications and supporting documents in a reasonable period of time provided by the tax services.

The purpose of our office is to be on the side of the taxpayer throughout the audit and to provide continuous and reliable information, covering the full range of our potential transactions with reliability and security.

The specialization of our office concerns both the opening of accounts of individuals and the audits of legal entities with the new models such as the indirect control techniques.

You can refer to our published article for a technical and concise overview of the steps and procedures of a tax audit.