We provide high-quality accounting services, always based on punctual and valid decision-making, resulting from the correct representation of your data. The experienced and specialized executives of our company are ready to take charge of the update of your tax books in accordance with the Greek Accounting Standards rules and to provide all the related services. They will accurately study your accounting data by revealing both the weak aspects of your company and those that you benefit from. They will provide solutions tailored to your profile, whether you are a company or a natural person.

Accounting services

Provision of advisory services

As well as design of a personalized economic plan, actions that will reserve the smooth operation of your business and will help it recover from past issues.

Integrated accounting services

For all kind of tax books.

Processing all transactions with the public sector

(Chambers, Tax Offices, Insurance Organizations, Prefecture, Labor Inspectorate, Municipalities, Banks, OAED, Court of First Instance, EUPM).

Design, application and development

Of financial reports.

Implementation and adjustment of accounting plans

With a completely personal plan.

Production and cost book compilation

Warehouse books, technical specifications and production-costing.

Subsidized programs

Via OAED and NSRF, programs and VOUCHER.

Compilation of tax deductions


Adaptation to International Accounting Standards


MyData Digital Books

Ccomplete information and compliance with the application of your e-books.

Guidance in the preparation of financial statements

Based on the Greek Accounting Standards and the standards and procedures of the company.

Audit services

For the correct application of tax and labor - insurance law and the control of the structured operation of your accounting and cash-monitoring systems.