The Greek tax environment and the forthcoming legislation of which it is composed is a well-known plateau for taxpayers of all kinds. It is natural for foreigners to face particular difficulties who have to pay taxes in Greece, given the labyrinthine legal framework and the possible lack of sufficient information on their part.

Our office is at your disposal to mediate in any case related to changes and actions of a resident abroad, always taking into account the detailed interpretation of the relevant Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties where required.

The issues that a Greek taxpayer with a tax residence abroad will have to face increase, while strict planning is required in the structure and the movement of his property and real estate situation. Professional handling is necessary in the event that a resident abroad has forgotten or was unaware of his obligation to move his residence outside Greece from the year of relocation of his actual tax residence.

Due attention must be paid to the transfer of the tax residence of residents abroad in Greece. Before enacting the relevant procedures, our office will move to a detailed and accurate investigation of the tax liabilities that will be created after the transfer of the house in comparison with the tax burden until then.

The services we offer are, among others:

  • Transfer of tax residence outside Greece
  • Transfer of tax residence within Greece
  • Tax representation in Greece
  • Inheritances & donations
  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Evaluation of the customer's claims regarding the permanent establishment

We would like to make a special reference to the new provisions in the Income Tax Code which have incorporated beneficial tax reliefs for foreign residents who transfer their tax residence in Greece [par. 5 L.4172 / 2013]. We are able to fully inform you about the individual options and schemes under which you can choose to be taxed, after firstly examining the fulfillment of the necessary conditions for your inclusion in the above measures.