Our company is specializing in many areas and covering any tax and accounting issue. Every company is required to have high training, significant experience and practice, as well knowledgeable in the Greek laws and legislation. The function of the accounting deals with the identification, recording, processing and the presentation of financial statements for every financial unit. It prepares relevant special reports that enables the stakeholders to receive financial decisions clearly.

Knowledge of tax provisions is now imperative. Ignorance, misinterpretation of law, partial application of provisions, can lead to unbearable financially moves that may jeopardize the business. Enterprise Tax Burden is already increased and clearly changed comparing to the past. Changes in the taxation are significant and critical, both in its transactions with the State and with third parties (customers, suppliers, associates, employees, other debtors and creditors). Our office features executives constantly attend seminars on new tax arrangements and have a long-standing experience. They are able to predict the tax burden on your business in order to make it possible to integrate these charges into the cost accounting and the company's cash plan.

Tax Services

Composition of tax reports

The annual tax responsibility for the majority of Greek citizens is the fill of their tax return. In general, it is not a complicated task, but many times some small or big mistakes, may result in financial burdens. Your tax return is recommended to be filled by experts. Our office takes over the tax return fill also for foreign residents.

Business operation check

in accordance with the applicable tax provisions for all enterprises regardless of their subject (export, wholesale or retail, intra-Community trade, etc.)

Optional face control

that deal with the enterprise, in order to prevent the receipt of fictitious, forged or partly falsified documents, which result in fines and other charges.

Punctual update

Of tax charges (monthly and annual).

Formation of a business tax stand

About the distribution of profits to cover shareholders equity documents and offsetting losses in order to avoid friction with the Prefecture in the case of Societes Anonymes.

Punctual settlement of your tax obligations

In accordance with the applicable deadlines and provisions. Direct and responsible resolution of specialized tax issues related to your business activity.

Monitor and align data

That will depict items regarding the shareholders tax image, a field that requires attention.

Choice of the suitable time

In the case of share-stock transfers, in order to avoid unnecessary costs for the shareholders.

Incorporating tax changes

In terms of tax rates depending on the legal form of the enterprise (OE, EU, EIA, SA, INDIVIDUAL). Change of the legal form even during its use.

Preventive checks

In order to avoid problems that may arise during the regular checks and to carry out the corrective moves that need to be done.

Recommendations, conversions, mergers of companies

Real Estate Taxation

With full coverage of taxes & accounting records that arise in any real estate related transaction.